Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Good news, bad news, old news

Bad news is that I am not pregnant this cycle.
Crap. What a disappointment.
That's also the old news.  The disappointment that is.
Good news is that it seems like my cycles just might be regulating. Seems that having a kid or nursing or perhaps gaining 40lbs (OMG that hurts just to see it in black and white) has extended my cycles by 4 days. Odd. But whatever.
I guess its totally true what they say about only having a 20% chance of getting pregnant even under perfect circumstances.

I looked into the costs of IUI at the new clinic (the old one closed down). My old doctor is there. She said that we should only try for 4 months before we contact them again. So, t-minus 2 months. I will still hope beyond hope that we can get 'er done without medical help again. It looks like now that they are a totally private clinic, they are charging $200 admin fee on top of the $350 sperm-washing fee for the IUI. Add to that the cost of the clomid which is about $80 and the cost of the HCG (trigger) shot which was about $90. Which means that the cost of baby #2 (if IUI even works a second time) would hover somewhere around $750. Ouch. Very very ouch.
Could be worse, could be thousands for IVF. Shit, it could even come to that. I wonder if we will go that far if thats what it takes. I doubt it. I think we might be a one child family. I really hope it doesn't come to that. I really want at LEAST two, preferably three, at the most four.
Trent deserves a sibling.
Wow, the thought of failing at #2 is bringing me way down.
I'll stop worrying about it, since it's only month #2.
Cross your e-fingers for me, mmmmkay?

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